Controversial Essay Topics Topple the Load

controversial essay topicsI was in class the other day when we received a list of controversial essay topics to pick from. This was for an assignment due by the end of the following day. I could not believe my ears when the lecturer told us how little time we were getting to complete the task and I was a little more than upset about it. We have been getting tons of assignments these last few weeks and in particular we had gotten two other essays from different classes on that very same day. I do not know if you are aware of the system by which we are graded, but let me just say it is imperative to keep your scores balanced in all subjects. I did not know what I was going to do. Tackling that list was the easy part, I simply closed my eyes and let my pen fall on the topic I would write about. Actually getting the time to research and write about it though was another story entirely. I never did get around to completing it in time and got a whopping ten percent deduction from my mark because of it. Considering the fact that it was a sloppy piece of work to begin with, I really needed all the extra marks I could get. It seems that if I am to succeed, I will have to give up on sleep and other such luxuries and just motor on without even so much as pausing to look up.

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